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#3…Top 5 Favorite Musicians of All Time May 5, 2010

TNT’s #3 Musician of All Time
3. Thelonious MonkOh Thelonious Monk, why do I love you so much?  Perhaps it’s your ability to always be different and create art with every note played?  Or maybe it’s because you are a founding father of bebop?  Could it be that you’re so addicting?  Once I hear “Ruby, My Dear” , “Straight, No Chaser”, or my all time favorite that got me hooked, “Blue Monk,”  you consume my auditory senses for hours.  I love you for all the reasons above and for the fact that you were never afraid to just be yourself.

Alex’s #3 Musician of All Time
3. John Frisciante and Flea of RHCP – Say what you want about Hillel’s replacement in the Red Hot Chili Peppers after Hillel’s untimely death, and his douchebaggery, but this dude is a genius with any stringed instrument.  Flea is tied with him because not only does he wail on bass, he rips it up with the trumpet…yes the trumpet, that was his first instrument.

Mark’s #3 Musician of All Time
3. Stewart Copeland – One of the greatest and most original drummers to ever grace the music scene.  His use of polyrhythms’ and insanely awkward time signatures helped to build drum patterns that were equal parts abrasive and eloquent, but never overbearing or out of place.  I have played myself to sleep merely trying to replicate his distinctive style.  He is now bringing his controlled chaos to film projects nationwide, and it couldn’t have made me more of a huge fan.  He is one of the reasons that drumming is one of my primary instruments.
RECOMMENDED: Regatta de Blanc (“Walking on the Moon” and “The Bed’s Too Big Without You”), Ghost in the Machine (“Spirits in the Material World”, “Secret Journey”, and “Omegaman”) Rumble Fish Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (“Don’t Box Me In” ft. Stan Ridgway)

Angela’s #3 Musician of All Time
3. Jack Terricloth (of the World/Inferno Friendship Society) – In all my years of going to shows, I have never seen a more charismatic front man.  As the lead singer of this punk rock orchestra, Jack has managed to take the class of NY, mix it in with the rough and rugged spit in your face attitude of punk, and bring it on stage to a cult of kids dedicated to wearing three-piece suits and waltzing at every show.  His command of an audience and ability to entertain never stops.  His vocals are on point and he always keeps the fans at attention.  You never feel like you are there watching a band, but rather when you go to a show, you feel like you and the band had made plans to meet and hang out.  Even the banter between sets never gets old, boring, or dry.  It’s always relevant and entertaining.  Few front men have the ability to ooze personality and charisma as much as Jack does.

Klone’s #3 Musician of All Time
3. David Bowie (1947 – ) – Born David Robert Jones, this iconic rocker inspired several generations of musicians in several musical genres, most immediately and notably the birth of glam rock with his androgyny laden alter-ego Ziggy Stardust.  With regular reinvention of his image and sound, one might take note of the tribute paid to Bowie in the HBO Series Flight of the Concords.  In the season one episode “Bowie”, main character Jermaine appeared as the various incarnations of David Bowie’s image, including The Goblin King from the 1986 film “Labyrinth”.  The man does everything from rocking to acting to directing, producing and all around knocking us on our asses with his sophistication.  One of my favorite quotes of all time is attributed to him, “Artists make culture, not the critic.”


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