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#5…Top 5 Favorite Musicians of All Time May 3, 2010

TNT’s #5 Musician of All Time
5. Freddie Mercury – Talking about charisma and diversity, Freddie Mercury takes the cake (Just like Marie Antoinette).  I love that every song he ever wrote defied genres.  From the gospel feel of “Killer Queen” to the protest-ish  lyrics in “Bicycle”, Mercury is a rock n’ roll icon.  Every song he’s been involved with is amazing, and judging by my first reaction to his music, I would have killed to see him live. ❤

Alex’s #5 Musician of All Time
5. Mozart – Gotta keep it real with the classics (real classics), and not only did this powdered wig wearing dude write symphonies and epics, he wrote “twinkle, twinkle little star” before his fifth birthday.  Suck on that, Jackson five!

Mark’s #5 Musician of All Time
5. David Bowie – The musical chameleon, and an artist who is a huge influence on my musical life.  What stands out about his music so much isn’t just his genre hopping, but his willingness to try new things while at the same time being able to stick with the times and doing it all on his own terms with a fresh approach to each song.  RECOMMENDED: Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps): title track, “Fashion”, Heathen: “Heathen [the Rays]” and “Cactus”

Angela’s #5 Musician of All Time
5. Maynard James Keenan – Maynard, in all his strange behavior, is a brilliant musician.  From A Perfect Circle to Tool, his vocals are incredibly distinct and his lyrics are even more so.  The live performances are always something you wouldn’t ever expect to see, except at a show with Maynard…always dark and mysterious, Maynard has been able to bring something different to the world of music and make a mark on the industry.

Klone’s #5 Musician of All Time
5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)
– Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilius Mozart could be considered, arguably, to be the world’s first true rock-star.  Dead by age 35, the man had accomplished more than many modern musicians have in their lifetimes, including having composed and performed his first pieces for European royalty by age 5.  For a glimpse of what made him a role-model for the likes of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, one would do well to check out the Academy Award winning 1984 musical film “Amadeus”.  Regardless of your stance on classical music, Mozart’s life-work has endured centuries and is still used in popular culture today.

Dan’s #5 Musician of All Time
5. The Donnas – There’s just something about these lady rockers that I can’t get enough of.  Do I care that their lyrics are all about getting wasted and partying?  No, not at all.  After all, they’ve got quite a number of albums under their belt.  We heard them turn 21; we watched them get skintight; we spent the night with them.  After parting ways with Atlantic Records, they started their own record label, Purple Feather Records, and released Bitchin’.  The Donnas put out fun music that you can jump around to, and sometimes that’s the best food for the soul.


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