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See ya in the pit.

14 Songs that TNT can’t get enough of this week. April 16, 2010

Hello Non-Posers!  Thought you’d like some new music to check out because, honestly, who doesn’t love new music?  These songs are from NVMP’s MySpace Profile Playlist and will be up all week for your listening pleasure.  Click on the Artist’s name; I’ve provided their MySpace links, so if you like what you hear, please add them as a friend.  Hope you enjoy the music!  They’re all great songs, but I highly suggest “Every Band in the U.S.A.” by The Fold (which mocks Miley Cyrus and shockingly, every band in the U.S.A.  It’s hilarious but sadly true), “Dream City” by Free Energy (Makes me feel like I’m in California, strutting around in Venice Beach, CA.  I dare you to listen to this song and not strut your stuff, whether you’re in California or not), “Caution Wet Floor” by Miz Metro (I just couldn’t get enough of her this week, she’s fabulous!  Watch out Gwen, Metro’s wailing out strong!), and “When We Were Young” by Thieves of Aon” (Dear Thieves of Aon, please come tour in the US, I wish to see you live as you are currently one of my new favorite bands. Love, TNT)

TNT’s Musical Eargasms for the week of 4/16/2010 <— Click here to link to our MySpace page, the profile playlist (TNT Music) pops out for your convenience.



Fang Island


“New Hooligan”

The Color Turning


“Every Band in the U.S.A.”

The Fold


“So You’ve Come to Mingle”

Yourself and the Air


“Dream City”

Free Energy


“Eviction Party”



“Roman History”

Pet Lions


“A More Perfect Union”

Titus Andronicus


“The High Road”

Broken Bells


“Caution Wet Floor”

Miz Metro



Local Natives


“When We Were Young”

Thieves of Aon


“By You”

The Click Clack Boom


“See You Again”

The Hard Lessons


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