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NVMP Poser-Free Podcast – Ep 1: On The Record…w/ Andrew W.K. March 30, 2010

Hello and welcome to NVMP’s first episode of the Poser-Free Podcast, the official podcast compendium to the Nevermind The Posers music blog!

In this first episode, we bring you our unabridged, exclusive phone interview with none other than Andrew W.K., where he went On The Record with NVMP Founder/Editor-In-Chief Tina (a.k.a “TnT”) and NVMP Writer/Editor Dave “The Klone” to discuss the conspiracy rumor surrounding his identity and his overnight rise to stardom.  Andrew was cool enough to keep it real with NVMP, and went on to talk about his upcoming appearances at Warped Tour 2010 and as a host of the Second Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards, airing in May on VH1 Classic.  In honor of his album release this month, we’re proud to launch our podcast series with the story.  Get it here, directly from the source, always poser-free.

via NVMP Poser-Free Podcast – Ep 1: On The Record…w/ Andrew W.K..


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