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“I want to thank my record label…for letting me write my songs”? February 3, 2010

{The 2010 52nd Annual Grammy Awards Edition!}

When Taylor Swift accepted her award for Best Country Album of 2010, she made it a point to thank her record label Big Machine Records for letting her write every song on her album.  “I want to thank my record label for letting me write every song on my album.”  said Swift.  Does that not strike anyone else as, oh I don’t know, kind of an odd thing to have to thank a record label for?  Politics aside, doesn’t there just seem to be a major logic disconnect here?  If record labels could write the songs themselves, why would they need the singer/songwriters they produce?  Are they simply producing mouth-pieces for stables of in-house songwriters who just never made it as music stars?  (That was the sound of my hand slapping my forehead in the standard “DUH!” fashion.)  I think it’s a sad statement about the industry.  What’s next?  “I’d like to thank my record label for letting me strum my guitar the way I like to, it really helped make a great record.  Thanks everyone!”  I just threw up in my mouth a little.

– Dave “The Klone”


One Response to ““I want to thank my record label…for letting me write my songs”?”

  1. […] Taylor Swift’s Fearless took home Best Country Album, I have no problems with that.  What I do have a problem with was her acceptance speech.  She thanked her record label for letting her write her own music.  Way to call attention to an ongoing problem with the major labels out there, Swift.  Hear what Dave “The Klone” has to say about it here. […]

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