Nevermind The Posers

See ya in the pit.

Hank and Cupcakes and Belikos @ Cameo Art Gallery. January 22, 2010

1 – Background Noise (not audible to me)
2 – Turn That Racket Down!
3 – What is that?  (caught my attention)
4 – Groovin’ (I can get into this)
5 – Blast that Shit! (the louder the better)
On January 16th, I decided to head into Brooklyn and check out some live music at Cameo Art Gallery, Hank and Cupcakes and Belikos to be exact.   
Hank and Cupcakes took the stage first.  Cupcake started the show by explaining how their heat has leaked and that the apartment floor is all wavy from water damage.  After her explanation, she couldn’t figure out why she was complaining at all because the people in Haiti are worse off than a wavy floor and heat problems.  She also stated that we should all be happy to be alive, that tonight, we should all party hard and be happy with what we have, our lives.  This dynamic duo kicked off their set with one of my favorite songs, “Pleasure Town”.  Cupcake took over the vocals and drums (she plays while standing!) and Hank rocked the bass.  I categorize Hank and Cupcakes as an electro-indie rock band with pop influences and an experimental attitude.  Think the Ting Tings mixed with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a Silversun Pickups vibe.  The crowd, energetic and ready to dance to anything that came out of the speakers, loved them.  Hank utilized his effects pedal to the fullest, creating some really great sounds.  Well played, Hank and Cupcakes, I look forward to seeing you again soon. 
Rating = Groovin’ (I can get into this)
     Next up was Belikos, who blew me away.  I’d like to officially deem Belikos as the second band I would hire if I were having a house party- just so we’re on the same page here, I’m not having a house party anytime soon, but if I was, Belikos and Bodega Girls would be on the set list- meaning I had a blast watching their set.  Belikos displayed some smooth moves on stage as well as a ton of energy!  As most of you know, hip hop is not my genre of choice, so I was questioning my attendance before I even walked in.  Belikos is so much more than your typical hip hop group.  Lyrical rap about bitches and ho’s did not dominate the microphone here.  Instead, I was pleased to hear clever rhymes that fit perfectly with a guitar.  The lyrics just flowed- nothing was forced or felt uneasy; my ears were pleased.  It’s so hard to put a genre label on this band, they’re touching all areas: a little hip hop, some rock n’ roll, funk and blues; definitely an original band to check out.  All in all, Belikos was tight, on the beat and in time.   Due to a late start, the crowd diminished in size from Hank and Cupcakes set, but grew in movement.  Lead singer Shane Page knew how to get the crowd going, and in many ways, it almost felt like a house party.  They pulled out some covers (“Give It To Me” from Jay-Z and my personal anthem “TNT’ from AC/DC) that were phenomenal.  This is rare for me to say, I’m not usually a fan of covers, but after a few drinks and a house party atmosphere, anything goes.  A few times while watching, I was reminded of a band I checked out a couple of months ago called Bad Rabbits, they are somewhat similar in their band set up and style, but by the end of the night, Belikos totally blew Bad Rabbitsout of the water.  There is something about Belikos that draws you in, powerful, strong, fun to watch and listen to.  Bad Rabbits = Out, Belikos = In.
Rating = Blast that Shit! (the louder the better)

Be sure to catch Belikos and Hank and Cupcakes at Pianos on February 5th!

 – TNT

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