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Morningwood- Diamonds & Studs October 26, 2009


Review by Daniel Petrino

     Morningwood’s sophomore album is more than just some kick-ass chick rock, it’s some kick-ass-punk-pop-new-wavey-rock that overflows with seductive sass and salacious personality. From Chantal Claret’s gently whispered, ‘I’ll fuck you up’ on “Bipolar Bear” to the “Hollaback Girl” drumbeat on “That’s My Tune”, Diamonds & Studs is a kickass album that won’t disappoint Morningwood fans or fans of rock in general. 

     “Best of Me” sets the mood for the album with its aggressive vocals matched by equally aggressive guitar hooks. Most of the songs stand on their own two feet while still maintaining the distinctive Morningwood sound of bouncing bass beats, heavy guitars and some well-used synth. I say ‘most of’ because some tracks sound like slight variations on each other, though all are heavily beat-driven rock songs at their core. “Three’s A Crowd”‘s soft, innocent chanting of “We’ll be getting it on, getting it on,” throughout the song is insistent and sweet, evoking memories of high school make-out sessions in front of the television.

     The taunting, teasing undertone in Claret’s voice makes each and every song uniquely hers, while at the same time being cute and seductive. The album tackles everything from being a teenager to lamenting an addiction to an ex-lover to rocking out with your girlfriends to your favorite song. Diamonds & Studs is a party from start to finish, and anyone who loves fast guitar beats and catchy hooks will find a lot to love in this album.

 Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Yay!: Best of Me, Killer Life, Three’s A Crowd, That’s My Tune, Bipolar Bear

Nay!: Hot Tonight, How You Know It’s Love, Teenage  


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