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Eyes Set to Kill Latest Album Review July 13, 2009

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ESTKcoverArtist: Eyes Set to Kill
Title: The World Outside

Review by: Alexander Castiglione

    Arizona quintet Eyes Set to Kill’s new album, The World Outside, is one dynamic, interesting, and well composed record.  Creating a sound somewhere between where artists like Amy Lee/Evanescence left off (leaving out all the mainstream bullshit) and adding screams and a composition similar to Post-Hardcore acts such as Atreyu or 36 Crazyfists, they blend two seemingly unmatchable styles.  Lead vocalist Alexia’s voice is nothing short of powerfully breathtaking, and with the fury of Screamo vocalist Brandon, it creates a sound which is driving at times and melodic at others.  Nonetheless, the record kicks some ass for a group that is trying to meld two totally different sounds.  The vocalist of Escape the Fate makes a cameo on “Deadly Weapons”, and in this writers opinion, it is the only track which is completely out of place.  Every other track however, blends melody with chaos, post hardcore screamo with more palatable mainstream female vocals, but this record is by no means mainstream.  Lyrical content alone makes it poetry, and after speaking briefly with the band, they commented that their main influence was basically growing up, coming of age, and dealing with the trials and tribulations associated with coming out of your shell and into the new world of self-actualization.  However, this isn’t done in a bitchy fashion like so many others, but with a certain cohesion as a band that is noteworthy at the least.  The title track itself, is packed with the previous elements, raising the tempo into a shredding montage, then breaking it down, throwing a melody on top, and cranking it back up to overdrive, all without missing a proverbial beat.  

     Despite the two piano interludes dropped by Alexia on the album (one of which is horror-movie-feeling-like-some-dude-is-about-to-stab-you creepy) and the final track “Come Home” (which is a beautifully written ballad, but a far cry from possessing a “rock out” quality), the whole CD bridges the painful gap between a chick fronted band, and a real post-hardcore group.  Melody mixed with the chaos of screamo hasn’t been this beautifully done since From Autumn To Ashes’ “Short Stories with Tragic Endings” or “Autumns Monologue”, and for this reason alone, I suggest just giving the record a listen.  I myself am apprehensive of any chick fronted band, for the simple reason that history has shown us they have a problem with rocking out and not being too mainstream, save for gems like Otep or Walls of Jericho, but this band places their sound in the middle.  They rock, but still have beautiful lyrics and coalesce musically as a band.  With elements of several genres, they mix melody with pounding riffs, and the stunning part: they go together quite well.  Not to mention the existentialist lyrics that sonorously work their way into the album, in between kickin’ breakdowns and powerful screams. 

     Check out the album, you have nothing to lose.


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