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Music We Can’t Get Enough Of June 9, 2013

John & Brittany is Philadelphia’s latest unique songwriting duo.  Check out their video for hit track “Paper Planes” off their 2013 album Start Sinning.  John & Brittany tell us, ““Paper Planes” is our first music video, and it’s about our inspirations and aspirations. It’s also a pretty accurate portrayal of the dynamic in John & Brittany; we fight a lot but it’s all for the love of rock n’ roll.”

I’ve just started getting into Freak Owls, but can’t seem to get enough of “Optimistic Automatic.”  I woke up the other day with the song in my head and made it my Thursday anthem.

Found another song to add to the ever-growing summer soundtrack, “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor)” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  For those of you who are Arrested Development fans – check out  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s very own Daniel Zott in Episode 13 of the new season out now on Netflix exclusively. Danny leads George Michael’s band in the episode’s opening scene. Here’s what he had to see about the experience:

When I showed up on set Mitchell Hurwitz looked at me and thought I was the wrong guy. It turned out that my hair had just gotten too huge. After taming my mane I got to meet Michael Cera who was playing the piano in between takes. I’m so grateful that I was able to watch a truly talented actor work out his lines and ad-lib in real time. I’m still not sure I was the guy they wanted, but I made the most of my one line and even ad-libbed a blank stare into MC’s eyes.” – Daniel Zott, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. 

All I Want by Kodaline January 26, 2013

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Loved this video from Kodaline so much I had to share.  Be forewarned, it’s a tear-jerker.   – TNT


Latest Jukebox the Ghost Video January 22, 2013

“Don’t Let Me Fall Behind” is a perky pop ditty by indie rockers Jukebox the Ghost, though the upbeat piano and catchy hook belie more melancholy subject matter.  The video is a wonderful accompaniment, exploring the yearning for a former love.  One of the best visual flourishes dappled throughout is a film projecting onto falling sheets of paper, creating the image of pieces of memories cascading to the floor.   – Daniel Edward


Music and Video Fail: “Hell Yeah” Midnight Red August 30, 2012

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Review by Hoverbee

This is what’s wrong with music and the youth in general, although I’m sure lots of soccer moms may get down to this as well.  Each member of the group is a representation of a different scene or genre to ensure maximum dispersal through various demographics.  Don’t even get me started on the weird guy with the pointy hair.  Vanilla Ice called…he wants his hairstyle back.  The music itself is a simple rehash of what can only be described as the pop music of today’s cheap moves.  We’ve all heard this song before.  I normally do research on bands for video reviews, but for this I felt no bother.  I don’t care where they’re from and am sad they ever decided to leave that place to spread this god-awful brand of musical heresy.  Hey all of you who have no need for real substance or culture, this song/video will make you feel good about that lost weekend you can’t quite remember and glorify your need for never-ending drinking and shag fests.


“Ballad of an Onion Sprout” Video from The Burning of Rome August 28, 2012

Review by Hoverbee

The video for “Ballad of an Onion Sprout,” the first single off the album With Us by the Oceanside, California-based band The Burning of Rome, begins with a psychedelic trip through a 50’s era comic book outer space with an astronaut arriving on the moon in a jar of Vegemite.  The spaceman then floats to a large jar of Marmite all the while lyrics marquee from a vintage dinosaur’s mouth, fly at you and hop across the screen.  The video then completely changes direction blending awesome live shots of the band during shows with press shots and eventually ends with individual portraits of each band member.  The sudden about-face of the video fits perfectly with the eclectic nature of the song and the band.  They previously released a different video for this song and I find it pales in comparison.  This video better embodies the spirit of the band and with the addition of the lyrics, the full lyrical genius of the song can be recognized.  The Burning of Rome manages to incorporate many different genres of music into one song.  I have to say I love this track, but must admit the hook kind of reminds me of the hook from the song “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears.  I must also say that this queer fact does not ruin the song for me in the least.  It’s not an awful imitation, exact replica or a rip-off, but a glorious reworking of an awesome chord progression and it’s not the only thing that makes the song great (striking use of bells, well put lyrics, fantastic harmonizing and vocals.)  Check out more of The Burning of Rome at!


“Want It Back” New Video from Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra August 1, 2012

This is the official music video by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra performing “Want It Back” from the anticipated album Theatre Is Evil.  In this stop-motion video, visual artistry is highlighted as the video continually follows an endless stream of lyrics along Ms. Palmers’ bare body.  Much like the transparency she offers her fans, this video is no different; highlighting the curved beauty of her own feminine form.  As a lover of words, I particularly enjoyed the visual personification of the lyrics within the emotive context of the song.  Having started in the world of living art as the Eight Foot Bride, she brings words to life with clever subtly in a brilliant demonstration of stop motion.  The music itself pairs the throaty, sepulchral voice of Palmer with the pop/rock and experimental sounds of The Grand Theft Orchestra.  Other snippets from the album carry the same vibe, making this video a very pleasant sneak preview of the progressively bold musical style that is Amanda Palmer.  Available September 2012, Theatre Is Evil promises to be a labor of love for artists as well as music lovers alike.  Pre-order the album here


“Freedom at 21″ by Jack White July 26, 2012

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Thoughts by Hoverbee

When did Jack White become such a badass?  The video for the song “Freedom at 21″ off the album Blunderbuss directed by Hype Williams (Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan) has Mr. White tearing down the road in a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with police in hot pursuit.  And I do mean hot.  The female cop leading the chase is model Brittany Colombo (Miguel, Timberland) and she’s riding a motorcycle (so Freudian).  She eventually catches him and bends him over the hood of his car something awful (awfully sexual) before finally tossing him in a cell while other hot chicks run around.  The chase and such is spliced with jerky shots of White looking mean while mouthing the lyrics, making faces and sticking out his tongue.  The moral of this video: White’s ready to throw down unless you’re a sexy lady, in which case you can kick the crap out of him and that’s cool.  Although a tad cliché for my taste, the overall feeling of the video jives with the lyrics of the song and the concept of the album.



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