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G-Eazy on the Entire Van’s Warped Tour July 13, 2012

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Pure nostalgia…updated for 2012.   “Runaround Sue” – G-Eazy ft. Greg Banks

Doesn’t get more real.   “Marilyn” – G-Eazy ft. Dominique LeJeune


Living With Lions – “A Bottle of Charades” July 2, 2012

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I’m excited to check out Living With Lions on the Van’s Warped Tour this year!   “A Bottle of Charades” is a great song…it’s catchy, it rocks and sometimes, I too dream about stapling crap on other peoples’ foreheads for being dicks.  - TNT


“Summer Fling Don’t Mean A Thing” by NFG June 16, 2012

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New summer anthem?  I think so.  I didn’t realize how close Van’s Warped Tour is!   Are you ready?  NVMP certainly is!  2012 will be the 10th year we tear up the tour and bring you the latest bands to check out.  Stay tuned for more!  Happy Summer, Happy Warped Tour, Happy Music Festival Season!!!


Secret Music’s video for “Ghost in the Graveyard” April 9, 2012

This catchy synth/guitar song from Secret Music has a flaming video portraying a break from monotony by running into fire.  Ted Batchelor, the stuntman in the video, is the Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Body Burn; he leaves his wife and mundane, suburban lifestyle behind to ‘awaken the voice of his soul’ by running through the desert and lighting himself on fire.      

The track was produced by Passion Pit’s Ayad Al Adhamy and is off the band’s self-titled debut, which dropped March 6th on Black Bell Records/Warner Music’s ILG.  Secret Music will be touring with Middle Class Rut and Beware of Darkness starting on April 21st, see dates below.

Secret Music Spring 2012 Tour:
w/Middle Class Rut and Beware of Darkness

4/21/12 – The Juggermaut Gallup, NM
4/22/12 – The Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
4/24/12 – Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
4/25/12 – Club Sound Salt Lake City, UT
4/26/12 – Neurolux Boise, ID
4/27/12 – Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR
4/28/12 – T A Club Spokane, WA
4/29/12 – El Corazon Seattle, WA
5/02/12 – Fulton 55 Fresno, CA
5/03/12 – House of Blues San Diego, CA
5/04/12 – Constellation Room Santa Ana, CA
5/05/12 – Silverston Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV
5/06/12 – Troubadour West Hollywood, CA
Oz Litvac

Break Anchor’s Debut EP “Black Hearts & Blackouts” March 26, 2012

Review by Angela Blasi

Released March 20, 2012 on Paper + Plastick Records behold the debut EP from Break Anchor.  This pop-punk outfit channels the spirit of East Bay sounds from a scene gone by and is fronted by the well-known Jay Navarro (Suicide Machines and Hellmouth).  Comprised of his own angst and battles with the trials and tribulations of his life, this EP beautifully expresses his gritty, downtrodden yet resilient spirit.  The opening track “All I Have” had me hooked from the first line; its subtle-driving guitar riff building with choral vocals only to break into a hard, driving piece that never loses momentum.  Even lyrically, I enjoy the content as it reflects some of my own sentiments living in this Great Recession economy.  The vocals scream, “Everything is money!” while I envision myself signing this at high volumes in the summer sun; my own fuck you to the establishment.

Without hesitation, the second track “Can We Pretend” is focused and hard-hitting from the start.  Carried by the punchy bass progression, it’s a personal track that is easy to relate with.  It’s raw without being unclean, passionate without being overbearing.  There is a sense of belonging in these first two tracks, fantastically conveyed to the listener in a time when the definitions of success and identity are blurred.  This brings me to the last track, “Failure of Epic Proportions.”  “You try and convince me this is what I’ve been working for/ Time flies/ I don’t know, I work so much I don’t know you anymore/ Growing up makes us forget who we were.”  Simply stated yet poignant, Navarro’s lyrics easily bring life to the heart attack feeling of measuring one’s own failures and successes.  A slower track, this last song doesn’t lose focus of the other two, despite being a more emotionally charged piece.  This is definitely one of those songs to listen to when feeling particularly disenfranchised and disconnected from the well-to-do establishment, seemingly oppressing us all.  The song then ends with the calming serene sounds of ocean waves, as if to signify the finding of inner peace through the hell and turmoil that is self-discovery.

I’m excited to hear more from this band; their music is refreshing to hear.  They have met their goal in achieving a fresh sound that is in your face while bringing to life the influences of punk rock from past days.  From the first listen I was hooked and left wanting more.  The EP never compromises the heart of its members, giving the listener three tracks of unadulterated feelings, eloquently stated while being melodically raw with rich hooks and riffs.

Click here to listen to Black Hearts & Blackouts 

Break Anchor also recently debuted a music video for “A Failure of Epic Proportions,” watch below


Cake Fans Create New Video For “The Winter” March 23, 2012

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Review by Hoverbee

Cake is known for including the average Joe in the creation of their music videos.  The video for “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” off the album Comfort Eagle and directed by lead singer John McCrea, is composed of footage presenting everyday people listening to the song and giving their reactions.  Similar to that is the official video for “No Phone” off the album Pressure Chief which features members of the public wearing headphones dancing to the song. With the video for “The Winter” off the album Showroom of Compassion, the band has taken the concept a step further.  Director and friend of the band Tracy Rowland presented them with the idea of including the listening audience again, only this time extending the opportunity to their global fan base.  The video combines footage of nearly 200 participants singing along to the song.  The massive undertaking by these fans, ranging in age from 5 to 55 and hailing from 165 different cities in 20 countries on 5 continents, is a wonderful way to express their love of Cake and to support the band.  So, check it out!


The Darkness Returns? February 28, 2012

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The last time the public heard anything about UK’s The Darkness was six years ago.  Just when we thought we wouldn’t be graced with the sight of singer Justin Hawkins’ custom spandex suits, the band releases a brand new single called  “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us.”  The video features a 2-D animation of the band, giving us insight into their sense of humor and solidarity as a unit.  Sort of corny yet carelessly fun, the first track off a full length release (date and name is yet to be determined) “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” doesn’t seem to offer anything musically new from the group.  Still laden with Hawkins’ signature falsetto screams and guitar god-like solo’s, it’s everything I would expect from a band that produced past hits with the same formula.  Maybe the rest of the album will have more twists and turns for our listening pleasures, but as it stands this looks to be a pretty predictable album, albeit fun as hell to rock to.      -  Angela Blasi

The Black Pacific Debut New Video “Living With Ghosts” September 12, 2011

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Review by Mark B.

The Black Pacific bring punk rock into the technological age with the debut of their new video “Living With Ghosts,” giving the public a view of the world through the eyes of the System, whose only task seems to be the paranoid spying on the public to control their moves and ensure their own survival.  In this case, they‘ve taken a special interest in the lyrical truths of Lindberg and Co.

With Closed Circuit TV type glitches, binary codes and emphasized lyrics of importance flashing across the screen in hacker codec, it is an extremely visually appealing video.  It gives the viewer a glimpse of the world through the eyes of the prying eyes that constantly watch us, using the wonders of technology against the public.  As for the message, I was able to make more sense out of the lyrical content than the video itself (it took me two good views to really understand the visual messages).  Here’s what I gathered from the video: Big Brother is always watching, the over-consumption of goods (oil in particular), is leading to our own destruction at the hands of greed and dependency and it is unclear who is actually to blame- the System that attempts to steer our lives, or the public who constantly gets abused because they allow it to happen, making themselves the root of their own problems.  So who really is the enemy?

The most important message from the band comes through the words “ghosts are in the machine,” which flashes across the screen just before the start of the song.  If you understand the real meaning of the term (if not, by all means look it up) it serves as a reminder that although we are individuals, having our own minds and taking our own courses of action, our lives are very much within the view of the public no matter where we are or what we do.  There is always someone or something watching, and in this case it’s the System in our nation, our Ghost in the machine, the enemy of the people that attempts to control the course of our lives through any means necessary.

All in all, a fantastic video by the Black Pacific.  Jim Lindberg’s lyrics have never been more sharp and biting, and he’s found just the right people to turn his words into a startlingly striking, yet bleak reality.

The Black Pacific is coming to your town (possibly) soon!  Here is a list of their current tour dates:

9/27/11-Atlantic City, NJ- House of Blues*
9/28/11-CliftonPark, NY-Northern Lights*
9/29/11-Toronto, ON- TheSoundAcademy**
9/30/11- Québec City , QC- Agora Port de Québec**
10/01/11-Montréal,QC-CEPSUM -Univ.ofMontreal**
10/02/11-London,ON-John Labatt Centre**
10/4/11-Thunderbay,ON-Thunder BayCommunity Auditorium**
10/06/11-Winnipeg,MB-MTS Centre**
10/07/11-Saskatoon,SK-Credit Union Centre**
10/08/11-Edmonton,AB-Rexall Place**.
10/09/11-Calgary, AB- Scotiabank Saddledome**
10/11/11-Victoria,BC-Save On Foods Memorial Centre**
10/12/11- Vancouver , BC- Pacific Coliseum**

*supporting Rise Against
**supporting Rise Against and Flogging Molly


Happy Friday! May 13, 2011

Rock the hell out of your weekend!

“American Trash” by Innerpartysystem.  Yes, this is my nice way of telling you that you are not the most important person in America.  Go live your own life instead of idolizing reality TV non-stars, turning your skin orange by laying in cancer boxes and pretending your hot shit when you’re not.  Actually, this is my way of telling our non-poser readers to tell all the posers out there, or better yet “American Trash,” to get a life and live it.

“Sail” by AWOLNATION.  I heard this song on 101.9 WRXP on my drive home from what felt like the longest week ever and it made my day, perhaps even my weekend.  Great song and video.


New Animated Video by Cake For “Long Time” April 15, 2011

Video Review by Hoverbee

Click Here to watch the video for "Long Time" at

Cake has released a video for the second single, “Long Time,” off of Showroom of Compassion.  The animated music video was created by French production company Callicore Films, an art studio that focuses on CG Art and the resistance against “the cultural dictatorship of media.”  Founded by distinguished French artist Laurent Mercier and his partners Linda Mercier and Xavier Semen, Callicore has worked with John Lee Hooker Jr., Arrested Development, The Buzzcocks, Marky Ramon and more.  Their collaboration with Cake resulted in the sad story of a vagabond and his monkey who have been imprisoned for going against the grain and not following the same road as others.  The video mimics the lyrics of “Long Time” by cutting together scenes of the imprisoned vagabond and his monkey, flashbacks of happier days when they were free and an image of a ticking clock.  In the end of the video, while being transported to their execution, the vagabond breaks through a panel in the truck finding a way to escape, but is unable to fit through the hole.  He realizes his monkey friend will fit through the hole and sacrifices himself by setting his monkey friend free.  Although a sad story, the video is a fitting visual companion for the song.



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